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Online voice training(1)

Today I taught  my vocal lesson in English.
I feel difficult when we directly meet and do, but online lesson is more difficult for me.
I will write about today’s lesson.

【Middle note】

I was focused on high pitch on this class. 
The biggest key to hit the high notes is not the high notes, It’s the middle notes. 
Getting a good middle voice is the best the way to have high notes vocalization. 

Don’t make it loud as you go higher. 
Don’t squeeze your larynx as you go higher. 
Don’t lose your head resonance or your nasal resonance as you go higher. Staying calm, and not getting louder 

I think, is the most important thing. When you hit the high note, don’t raise your larynx.
We use middle note C4 from F3.  

【Vocal fry】 

The vocal fry is very present throughout, often.
And a lot of times what we do is to start the note with a vocal fry. 
We begin the pitcs with a low vocal fry and then enter into the note. 
Getting the notes is the best way to get the high notes, too because the vocal fry is not used a lot of air.
It’s a good thing when we get the high notes.

The online vocal lesson was a little harder than I thought. but I had a good time!
I have to learn English more!
I’m looking forward to having a lesson next time.